Winter in Saint Tropez

Winter in Saint Tropez

Embarking on a winter escapade to Saint-Tropez, we set out to uncover the serene charm of this renowned summer hotspot during the colder months. With cool days, chilly nights, and a marina berth costing approximately 5000 euros, our maritime journey unfolded against the backdrop of the French Riviera's winter tranquility.

Marina Life:
Nestled in the marina, our berth provided a glimpse into the luxury that defines Saint-Tropez year-round. Elegant vessels adorned the quiet harbor, offering a stark contrast to the lively summer scene. As parents navigating this nautical adventure with two kids on board, the serenity of winter, while enchanting, led us to reconsider this destination for future winters.

Local Exploration
Saint-Tropez in winter unveils a quieter side, with some shops in hibernation. Navigating the town without a car felt secluded, but a 60-dollar-a-day rental from Hertz opened avenues for discovering the hidden gems of the French Riviera. Amidst the closed shutters, the vibrant Thai restaurant  emerged as a culinary oasis, providing a delightful escape for our taste buds.

Culinary Delights:
Amidst the culinary escapades, the Tarte Tropezienne became a winter favorite. This delectable treat, with its origins deeply rooted in Saint-Tropez's culinary history, is a must-try. The story goes that in the 1950s, actress Brigitte Bardot was filming in the area when a local patissier created this delightful confection. Today, the Tarte Tropezienne is an iconic symbol of Saint-Tropez's gastronomic legacy.

Marina Services:
The marina staff, our maritime allies, offered invaluable assistance. An unexpected perk was the convenience of having packages shipped by Amazon directly to the marina office, seamlessly blending modern convenience with nautical living.

Costs and Considerations:
While the winter beauty of Saint-Tropez is undeniable, the costs mirror its summer extravagance. A simple purchase, like a bottle of water, came with a premium price tag of 5.70 euros—a gentle reminder of the luxury embedded in this coastal haven.

As winter embraced Saint-Tropez, we reveled in the subtle details—the tranquility, the shimmering marina, and the culinary delights that persist even when the town takes a breather. While the costs may be steep and our winter experience with kids prompts reconsideration, Saint-Tropez remains an unparalleled destination for those seeking serenity along the French Riviera. Don't miss the chance to savor the Tarte Tropezienne and indulge in the sweet history it carries. 



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