March Environmental Events

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March Environmental Events

March 1st - Clean Up Australia Day 

March 3rd
World Wildlife Day
"On this World Wildlife Day, let us raise awareness about the extraordinary diversity of marine life and the crucial importance of marine species to sustainable development. That way, we can continue to provide these services for future generations.." — UN Secretary-General António Guterres

March 7th to 15th - World Parks Week
Parks Week is about hundreds of organisations across Australia and New Zealand holding events to celebrate the vital role parks play in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. Parks Week 2020 will focus on the how spending time in our parks and open spaces positively influences our wellbeing. 

March 8th to 14th​ - National Ground Water Awareness Week
Life as we know it would be impossible without groundwater. It is the world's most extracted natural resource, and it supports our ecosystems. Don't take groundwater for granted.

March 21st - International Day of Forests

March 22nd - World Water Day
Adapting to the water effects of climate change will protect health and save lives.
Using water more efficiently will reduce greenhouse gases.
We cannot afford to wait

March 23rd - World Meteorological Day

March 28th - Earth Hour

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